Stabilizer for Faratel PRINCE AC air conditioner

Technical specifications of Faratel PRINCE AC cooler gas stabilizer

  • Dimensions: 260*330*121 mm
  • Input voltage: 275~160
  • Phase: single phase
  • Output current: 6A
  • Load factor: 0.9
  • Start current: 30A
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz

In today’s age, the use of electrical appliances is an important part of our daily life. Power outages and city electricity fluctuations have been among the undeniable problems. These factors cause breakdown and failure of electrical devices, especially sensitive devices, so in order to avoid damage and spend huge repair costs, the best method is to use stabilizer is;

Join us in this article to learn more about the PRINCE AC series of Faratel stabilizers.

Faratel prince ac stabilizer For gas boiler

Faratel company offers a different series of stabilizers for household appliances called Prince. For sensitive household appliances that are exposed to various risks such as power loss and fluctuations, prince stabilizers are suitable for refrigerators, freezers, TV, microwave oven, washing machine a>, dishwasher and…are. This series of Faratel Prince AC stabilizers are provided for air conditioners with different capacities.

PRICE AC Smart Stabilizer

Stabilizers are voltage controllers and have the best quality. They are able to eliminate the fluctuations in a very excellent way and provide their users with a very accurate voltage in accordance with Iran’s electricity (220V constant for each phase). As always, the reliable Faratel company has taken steps to meet the needs of its customers and designed and produced an efficient product. This reliable collection in PRINCE series of their stabilizers presented a special product for gas coolers.

Prince AC smart stabilizer has the following three categories:

Intelligent stabilizer Prince AC12K for air conditioner up to maximum capacity12000Btu ⁄ hr

Intelligent stabilizer Prince AC18K for Air conditioner up to maximum capacity 18000Btu ⁄ hr 

Intelligent stabilizer Prince AC24K for air conditioner up to maximum capacity 24000Btu ⁄ hr 

Prince stabilizer They can be installed on the wall

Technical specifications of Prince AC stabilizer:

 Technical specifications of PRINCE AC intelligent stabilizer

According to the table above, AC18K, AC12K and AC24K stabilizers are single-phase and have the same output current and 50/60 Hz phase. This automatic transmission comes with net dimensions of 260*283*121 mm and a net weight of 7.8 kg.

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Tesla company as a sales group of UPS, battery, solar cell, charge control and stabilizer Provides installation services, consulting, specialized after-sales services to customers.

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Support and contact numbers with Tesla (02188312456 / 02188861253)

input voltage


load factor


Starting current




Connection delay time

3 minutes

the length

330 mm


121 mm


260 mm

net weight

7.9 kg

Weight with packaging

8.7 kg


single phase

Suitable for

Types of air conditioners up to capacities:

  • 12000Btu ⁄ hr
  • 18000Btu ⁄ hr
  • 24000Btu ⁄ hr


Faratel stabilizer PRINCE AC

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Equipped with microcontroller
  • Having two strengthening stages, one weakening stage and one normal stage
  • Ability to detect non-connection of protective wire (earth)
  • Interrupt output if:
    • Increasing the internal temperature of the device beyond the allowed limit
    • Exiting the input voltage from the range of 160~275 volts (to avoid damage to the consumer)
  • Equipped with a protection system for consumer devices against:
    • Two-phase input voltage
    • Strong fluctuations of electricity and lightning
  • Equipped with an input filter to reduce noise and city electricity spike
  • Ability to be placed on the table or installed on the wall
  • Has a wide input range
  • equipped with a warning system when the internal temperature rises