Faratel SDC2000X-RT UPS technical specifications

Device technology: Online Double Conversion

Rated power: 2000VA /1400Watt

It has charger:

Phase: single phase

External battery type: Sealed acid

Battery voltage: 96VDC

Dimensions: 102*510*440 mm

Weight: 12.2 kg

What is a UPS device?

UPS or Uninterruptible power supply or UPS is a device that is installed next to a computer (or other electrical consumer) and allows the consumer to continue working in normal mode when the input voltage is interrupted or changes drastically. Small UPS usually have a battery inside that they charge when there is electricity. When there is a power outage or a voltage drop, when the voltage drops below a certain value, the UPS automatically switches the computer’s power supply from the city power to battery the existing inside itself changes, this work is done in a period of about one or 2 milliseconds, and as a result, the computer does not notice the interruption of the electric current and continues to work. Specifications and catalog of SDC2000X-RT UPS with 2 Kava Faratel power in further reading

Introduction of Faratel Company

Faratel company has officially started operating since 1352. At that time, with an accurate prediction of the role of electronic equipment in the future world and the need to protect them in the field of huge national investments relying on its advanced technologies, in a period of almost half a century, hundreds of thousands of billions of all kinds of household electronic products, It protects administrative, commercial and services against fluctuations and power outages. Currently more than 5 million trans and stabilizer Faratel has been installed and operated throughout the country, and so far more than half a million devices UPS Faratel has been installed and operated.

SDC2000X-RT Technical Specifications

UP Technical Specifications SDC2000
  • Smart On-Line Double Conversion Technology
  • Ability to install lying down, rack mount and standing
  • Small Footprint Design
  • Suitable for medium computer networks and their peripherals
  • Suitable for all types of computer servers
  • High efficiency
  • Suitable for sensitive telecommunications, laboratory, measurement systems, banking systems and…
  • capable of using UPS management systems
  • Able to work with a generator
  • Possibility of adding isolated transformer
  • Equipped with smart watch system
  • Ability to adjust the input frequency range
  • IGBT technology or transformerless design
  • One year warranty and 5 years commitment to supply parts

Buying guide from Tesla

Tesla company, the supplier of all kinds of UPS batteries with the lowest price in the market, serves all customers.

If you have questions and requests for advice, you can contact the support numbers and discuss with the experts.

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Support and communication numbers with Tesla (02188312456 / 02188861253)

Device technology

On-Line Double Conversion online

device power

2000VA / 1400Watt

Manufacturing Country


Type of input and output

Single phase to single phase (1-1)


Suitable for telecommunications, laboratory, measurement systems, banking systems, etc.
Ability to use UPS management systems.

input voltage


Input power factor


Size (Length*Width*Height)


Output voltage


Battery voltage


Number of batteries



14.2 kg

Suitable for

  • Medium computer networks and their peripherals
  • Types of computer servers
  • Suitable for sensitive telecommunication systems
  • laboratory systems
  • Measuring systems
  • banking systems etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Equipped with intelligent microprocessor control
  • Ability to work with generator
  • high regulation ability
  • Ability to work in the input frequency range ± 3HZ or ± 5HZ
  • Ability to remove EMI and radio RFI electromagnetic interference noises
  • correction of input power factor (PFC)
  • The modularity of the system for easy repairs and saving time
  • Equipped with a special connector to connect to the battery cabinet
  • With low volume and weight
  • Equipped with switching charger
  • Equipped with RS232 intelligent communication port
  • Possibility of communicating with the powerful UPSwing Pro software to save, close open files and exit the network in critical conditions and the possibility of UPS controlling and monitoring by it
  • Equipped with a test button to know the health of the battery
  • Ability to start UPS without city electricity
  • turning on the charger by connecting the UPS to the city electricity without the need to turn on the UPS
  • Possibility of adding UPS management devices such as SNMP Card (optional)
  • Ability to detect battery failure
  • Having models that can be installed in the rack
  • Ability to adjust and intelligently control fan speed