Introduction of Faran Company

Faran Company, one of the reliable domestic collections in the field of producing all kinds of electronic, telecommunication and computer equipment, was established in 1368. The main focus of Faran company is the production and distribution of UPS, batteries and other equipment such as stabilizers and inverters. It also has European and Japanese equipment and devices with good production quality and high efficiency. Faranspire UPS specifications in the next article

Faranspire UPS specifications

UPS Faran model ASPIRE three phases to single The phase is what protects your system against the common mode noises of the city electricity, excessive temperature increase of the electronic device, charging voltage higher than the battery limit, unauthorized battery discharge, sudden increase in load and … protects and this product is suitable for traffic control equipment, Medical Services, Informatics Centers (ICT) , Telecommunications, Banks, Security Systems, <a href=" ups/application/organization/" administrative centers, business, stores.

Faranspire UPS protection systems:

  • Protection against city electricity fluctuations
  • Protection against sudden load increase
  • Protection against inverter and charger short circuit
  • Protection against unauthorized battery discharge
  • Protection against sudden increase and decrease of voltage
  • Protection against charging voltage higher than the battery limit
  • Protection against changes in voltage and frequency of input power
  • Protection against excessive temperature increase of the device
  • Protection against lightning
  • Protection against common mode noises of city electricity
  • UPS protection against two phases
  • Phone line/fax/modem/network protection

Buying guide and advice from Tesla

Tesla company is one of the specialized and reliable organizations that offers the best UPS in different brands including Faran. One of the most specialized activities of Tesla company is the repair of different brands of UPS, including Faran and other domestic and foreign brands. For advice and guidance on purchasing Tesla products, especially UPS, please contact our experts and consultants through the following communication channels.

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Device technology


device power

6, 10, 15, 20 KVA

Manufacturing Country


Type of input and output

Three-phase to single-phase (1-3)


Banks, telecommunications, medical services, security systems, traffic control equipment, IT centers, commercial administrative centers
and stores

input voltage


Input power factor


Size (Length*Width*Height)

262*580*628 mm

Output voltage


Battery voltage

16 volts, 9 amps and 7 amps

Number of batteries

20 pieces


25 to 39 kg

Suitable for

  • Banks
  • Communications
  • Medical Services
  • Security Systems
  • traffic control equipment
  • Informatics Centers (ITC)
  • Administrative-Commercial Centers-Shops

Advantages and Disadvantages

  1. Double Conversion Online technology
  2. High Frequency PWM structure
  3. Wide range of input voltage
  4. Advanced PFC technology (input power factor correction)
  5. True sinusoidal output with THD less than 2% at linear load
  6. Automatically detect system error on power up
  7. Advanced Battery Management (ABM)
  8. Automatic battery charging when the UPS is off
  9. Starting with battery during power failure (Cold Start)
  10. EMI/RFI filters at input and output
  11. Display of charge and battery capacity by LCD, sound alarm
  12. Compatible with generator
  13. Ability to control and monitor UPS over the network
  14. Smart port AS400Card, RS485, (Selectable) SNP Slot, RS 232
  15. ECO Mode capability (energy saving)
  16. Equipped with EPO port for emergency shutdown


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