UPS Line Interactive 1000 to 5000 Watt Alpha

Model: Alpha 1000 to 5000 watts

Device technology: Online On-line

Protections: short circuit, low battery, overload, over temperature, low output voltage, over voltage output

Warnings: overload, low battery, abnormal ac input

Display: LCD display of input/output voltage, load capacity, battery voltage, Running status LED

Alpha UPS is a product of Germany and is produced in various capacities and exported to different countries. UPS or power supply in times when the city’s electricity fluctuates and does not have a constant voltage, can be a suitable option for protection and also energy supply for electrical equipment and any device that needs continuous and 24-hour power supply, as well as systems It is installed like a computer, etc., which consume electricity, and it prevents the damage that may be caused to the device during city electricity fluctuations. In the description, you can read the specifications of Alpha Interactive UPS Line 1000 to 5000 watts.

UPS have 3 types online, offline, line interactive.

Advantages of Line Interactive UPS

1- Reasonable price: High Line Interactive UPS are more suitable in terms of price than online devices.

2- Less battery consumption: Due to the fact that High Line Interactive UPS does not use batteries, it will benefit you economically because You will not need to buy and provide batteries continuously.

3- Reducing the cost of maintenance: In case of power failure, the UPS inverter part is activated and for this reason it causes an increase in the ambient temperature which causes Battery life can be reduced.

4- Less noise pollution: The fan and internal ventilation of UPS Line Interactive is activated only during a power cut, and as a result, noise pollution It is lower for you than other UPS technologies whose fan is constantly active.

5- Low repair cost: In line interactive devices, electronic repairs lead to less board replacement. Therefore, the expected repair costs for you will be much lower.

6- Saving electricity: With the high efficiency of this technology, you pay less electricity.

Technical specifications of Alpha UPS 1000 to 5000 watts

Output voltage stabilization system

Ability to start without city electricity

Automatic start when power is restored

Fully automatic protection

Advanced battery management system

Powerful UPS software

The ability to connect to the generator

Automatic battery test

LCD display

Very easy to use

Buying guide from Tesla

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Support and communication numbers with Tesla (02188312456 / 02188861253)

Device technology


device power


Manufacturing Country


Type of input and output

One to one phase (1:1)

input voltage


Output voltage



220*450*156 mm

Battery voltage


Number of batteries

32 pieces of 7 amps
48 pieces of 7 amps
In some external models


16-55 kg

Suitable for

Computer systems

Accurate measuring devices

Sensitive laboratory equipment


Telecommunication equipment

Opening and closing electric doors

Data centers and sensitive control

Advantages and Disadvantages

Wide range of input voltage

high efficiency

Fully automatic protection

Very easy to use

Less battery consumption

Reduce maintenance cost

The price is right