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Dynamic Development Company is one of the members of the Iranian Computing Companies Association, and with years of experience in the field of UPS production, it has been selling its products in the Iranian market for a long time, including a variety of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in the market Iran supplies

To date, the dynamic development company has sold more than 3000 UPS, of which Iran Export Bank was the main buyer. Also, cooperative funds, Isfahan province telecommunications, Fars province telecommunications, Kohkiloyeh and Boyer Ahmad telecommunications, Iran Carbon Company, Araj factory, Isfahan tile factory, etc. are buyers of UPS from Puya Tehseh Azar company.

With the aim of designing and producing the best and most competitive products, he was able to create a wide range of online UPS and Offline designs and manufactures various powers, from 1 kVA to 4 kVA, single phase and three phase.

In 1998, Dynamic Instrument Development Company felt the need of market people to use dry cell batteries, and therefore after much research and study, micro-lithium batteries made by SEC factories (American company) were selected for import.

Currently, the dynamic development company is an importer of ultra-light batteries, and some of these batteries are installed in centers such as Saderat Bank of Sistan and Baluchistan, Justice, National Customs, Education Industry, State Management Organization, University of Petroleum Industry, Ministry of Jihad Construction. .

Tesla Company Services

Experienced engineers and consultants of Tesla company, taking into account the needs of dear customers and fully complying with quality in supplying equipment with long Omar Bala advises and provides services. Tesla is one of the specialized and reliable institutions that provide the best and highest services in the field of UPS in different brands. Gives.


General concept of UPS

UPS is an electronic device and means uninterruptible power supply, which is designed to supply the required electricity for consumer devices.

This device is very sensitive to network disturbances and power outages, so due to the high sensitivity of this device to power outages and power fluctuations, it is used in medical and hospital complexes, computers, telecommunications, etc. to supply the required electricity for the devices. to be

Types Different UPS

UPS are divided into three categories and each one has different functions, which include:

Online UPS

UPS online from a different structure and Advanced is formed. For this reason, its price is also higher, which is why in the past UPS online was only used in large and commercial centers. But with advanced technology, you can buy UPS online cheaper. The online UPS can supply the power of the device connected to it with excellent quality and without noise, and the noise canceler works automatically in the UPS.

One of the important differences between online UPS and other UPS is that it works continuously. An online UPS is never inactive and continuously monitors the power flow in case of fluctuations or outages.

UPS Offline

Offline UPS compared to interactive and online UPS They are cheaper and lighter. Use of UPS for sensitive devices of hospitals, government bodies that have important and necessary information, because in cases where the devices receive too much power or too much energy or receive less energy, the electronic device of the function This is where the UPS comes in and turns the power into reasonable stability.

UPS Line Interactive

Interactive UPSs are not much different from offline UPSs. With only a few minor differences such as interactive UPSs for computer lighting equipment, printers and even places where the power does not fluctuate, it is used to improve the quality of proper power transmission. This type of UPS has resonance in the output circuit and its output is completely sinusoidal, so it is suitable for motorized consumers.


Tesla UPS service

Tavan Sazan Lotus Alborz service unit performs UPS repairs both on site and at the Tesla repair center and provides UPS services and support at the lowest cost and best quality to satisfy customers. Gives.

Tesla services in the field of UPS repairs include:

  • Answering and consulting over the phone regarding the troubleshooting and repair of the company’s UPS devices due to speeding up the repair of the customer’s device.
  • Installation and commissioning of UPS after repair.
  • Fixing BYPASS circuit problems
  • Inverter circuit repair
  • Repairing and solving problems related to battery operation

Tesla is one of the most equipped and specialized repair and customer service centers with the latest equipment ready to serve. For advice and guidance on buying electrical and electronic products, especially UPS, contact our experts and consultants through the contact page. Our colleagues will be happy to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

Buyers and customers of our products can call us on the phone numbers listed on the site to request the equipment they need.

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