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Inform Electronics Company was established in 1359, which is a design and production company for electrical and electronic equipment that has a wide range of products such as UPS, Voltage Regulators, Source DC Power, Telecom Equipment, inverter and… Tesla It is one of the specialized and reliable institutions that provides the best and highest services in the field of UPS in different brands. One of the most specialized activities of Tesla company is the repair of different brands of UPS, including Inform.

Inform Company is located in Istanbul, Turkey and is one of the famous brands in the field of electrical equipment. Tesla Company sells and repairs Inform UPS like other famous brands in the world.

General familiarity with UPS and the importance of batteries

UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply, which means that it provides the power required by the devices connected to it through the energy stored in the battery, which, in case of a power failure, provides the necessary load power without interruption. provides devices. UPS works with a battery and if the city electricity is connected, it uses it to charge the battery, and if the city electricity is cut off, it takes it out of the circuit and puts the battery in the circuit.

As you can see, battery is one of the most important parts of UPS and is of great importance and the biggest cause of failure in batteries . it happens


UPS repair by Tesla

UPS repair is one of the most specialized branches of electronics repair, which is added to the capabilities and capabilities of UPS every day due to the advancement of technology in this field. Progress has made UPS repairs out of the traditional and normal state and changed to a modern one, therefore, UPS repairs, which require high technical knowledge, have become a job. has become specialized.

Considering that the cost of replacing the UPS is very high and whenever a problem occurs, the device cannot be replaced. Therefore, UPS repair is more economical in terms of time and cost.

Lotus Alborz power supplies or Tesla in short is one of the most equipped specialized centers for repairing and servicing your customers’ UPSs. Tesla company is ready to serve you with the most modern equipment.


Reasons of UPS failure

There are various reasons for the failure of the UPS, first of all, the necessary tests should be done to find technical defects. One of the main problems of UPS is that the UPS inverter cannot output the output voltage and frequency correctly.

In order to find the cause of the failure, you must first be completely familiar with the UPS system, but there is no need to worry because our technical experts are ready to help customers at any moment. Since UPS failures seriously damage the electrical system, then consider prevention as your first priority and contact our consultants with full confidence and get the necessary guidance.

Tesla Company Services

Having experts with experience in the field of repairing all types of UPS, Tesla repairs all common and specialized UPS. UPSA brands that are repaired in Tesla are:

UPS repair Tekam, Faran, Mata, Syntex, GMC, General Electric, Net Power, Green, Smart Guard, Gold Star, Faratel, and… Tesla as one of the most specialized UPS repair centers in Iran. , services and repairs all brands of UPS. Tesla attaches great importance to Adib UPS repairs, which is one of the most reliable brands in Iran that operates in the field of UPS production, to effectively repair Adib UPS for our dear customers.


Tesla is one of the most equipped and specialized UPS service and repair centers in Iran, and for advice and guidance on purchasing Tesla products, especially UPS, please contact our experts and consultants through the contact page below. Our colleagues They are proud to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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