Faratel UPS repairs


Faratel company was officially established on June 27, 1352. Faratel has been able to produce and supply all types of protective UPSs for commercial, home, office and service electronics against fluctuations and power cuts, and with constant and uninterrupted power supply in addition to protecting hardware equipment. It can store a huge amount of information reserves on all kinds of electronic memories.

UPS repair is one of the most specialized branches of electronic repair, which is added to the capabilities and capabilities of UPS every day due to the advancement of technology in this field. Progress has made UPS repairs out of the traditional and normal mode and changed to a modern one, and therefore UPS repairs, which require high technical knowledge, have become a specialized job.

Considering that the cost of replacing the UPS is very high and whenever a problem occurs, the device cannot be replaced. Therefore, UPS repair is more cost-effective. Lotus Alborz Power Station or Tesla for short is one of the most equipped specialized centers for repairing and servicing customers’ UPSs. Tesla company is ready to serve you with the most modern equipment.

The general concept of UPS

UPS device an electronic device is designed to provide constant energy for consumer devices. This device is very sensitive to disturbances in the network and disconnection and disconnection of electricity, so due to the high sensitivity of this device to interruptions and fluctuations in electricity from it in medical and hospital, Telecommunications , Computer and .. is used.

UPSs can be used to protect a typical PC in the range of several hundreds of amps and for large centers including telecommunication centers and industrial and computer designed and built and be marketed . The UPS device has a battery, the presence of this battery in the device makes it possible for the UPS to perform its tasks properly in case of a power cut. so a UPS without battery will never work properly.

UPS Battery is responsible for storing electrical energy and provides the required electrical current when the power is cut. These batteries are produced in three types of models, which include the following:

  • Long life span
  • Average lifespan
  • Low lifespan

UPS in two ways online and offline </ The difference between the two is that online UPS manages fluctuations and high voltages, and in case of a power outage, it only supplies electricity to devices that regulate its voltage. But offline UPS works with electricity and automatically supplies the device with energy.

The UPS battery can store electricity between 5 and 15 minutes. Many may think that it is better to use an external UPS battery to store more electricity, which is different in terms of time and voltage, but Faratel UPS is one of the best domestic brands that has high quality. be

UPS failure problems

The problem of failure of UPS and electrical equipment is usually a novel thing, and with the increase in the lifespan of UPS, these problems will also increase, but if you follow some points in the maintenance of UPS, there will be no problems and the lifespan will be longer. Increase the UPS device.

One thing that you should note is that if the full power of the UPS is not used, its lifespan will increase. Another thing that you must observe in UPS maintenance is its maintenance conditions. For this, you must provide suitable conditions and the temperature, humidity and air are suitable for UPS. Among other things that are of great importance is the periodic inspection and care of the UPS, which increases the useful life of the UPS.

Faratel UPS repairs in Tesla

Faratel UPS repairs are carried out by specialists who have not only completed academic courses (electronics and industrial electricity), but also have a lot of experience in repairing all types of UPS, including Faratel UPS. If your UPS has a problem or malfunction, you can refer to Tesla company’s experts and consultants and take an important step to fix the UPS failure.

After contacting our consultants, experts are sent to the desired location and undertake the repair, maintenance and support services of UPS systems. Tesla commercial company is ready to provide services to its customers all over Iran and even abroad in the field of repairing and supplying all kinds of electrical and electronic equipment, especially UPS and emergency power.


Common faults in Faratel UPS repair

  1. UPS may not be able to support multiple devices together
  2. UPS may turn off by itself
  3. High temperature on the UPS and shutdown of the UPS device
  4. UPS does not charge
  5. Shutting down early and not keeping the charge in the battery
  6. UPS failure and not turning on
  7. LCD breakage and UPS screen replacement
  8. repairing damaged UPS
  9. The charging socket is damaged and does not charge the UPS
  10. The UPS warning light is on

Faratel UPS service in Tesla

Proper maintenance and timely servicing of UPS. Faratel both increases the useful life of the UPS and improves the performance of the UPS device, which significantly reduces the out-of-circuit time.

According to the mentioned cases, regular and timely servicing of UPS has many advantages, which include:

  • Service and maintenance of the device at regular times
  • There is no need to pay a fee for each request by the customer
  • All UPS device information is recorded in each service

Tesla is one of the most equipped and specialized repair and service centers for customers’ UPSs. Tesla company is ready to serve with the most modern equipment. For advice and guidance on the purchase of any electrical and electronic products, especially UPS, please contact our experts and consultants through the contact page. Our colleagues will proudly answer all your questions in the shortest possible time.