Emergency power for medical equipment


As you know, the requirement for the operation of all electrical devices to run and perform a specific task is electricity. If a device can provide the electricity needed by all electronic devices during a power outage and do this without interruption, there is no doubt a problem during a power outage in various industries, companies and factoriess and houses will not appear. So, as a result, the emergency power system is your solution in case of power failure. Emergency power system or (Emergency Power Systems) is a type of emergency power system that is used to provide electricity in critical times or in case of failure of the normal power grid. Stay tuned to Tesla UPS to review the right UPS for medical equipment emergency power.

emergency power suitable for medical equipment

Emergency power suitable for medical equipment

Perhaps you have heard about emergency power, although you are not familiar with its nature and how it works. An uninterruptible power supply is a self-contained power supply that powers electrical systems during power outages. Depending on the requirements and application of each company, building or industry, the uninterruptible power supply can include batteries, UPS, solar panels or generators with which an uninterruptible or alternate power supply can be provided. .

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

UPS emergency power (UPS)

UPS Abbreviation for Uninterruptible Power Supply in Farsi is uninterruptible power supply , and it means that the power required by the devices connected to it is supplied through energy storage. is provided in the battery, which provides the necessary load power of the devices without interruption in the event of a power outage. UPS works with a battery and if the city electricity is connected, it can be used to charge U battery . PS is used and if the city electricity is cut off, it will be removed from the circuit and the battery will be inserted into the circuit.

Basic need for emergency power system

Basic need for emergency power system

Considering that most electrical appliances such as medical equipment use electricity, they are sensitive to electricity fluctuations and there is a possibility of causing problems such as damaging the device, the main solution to these possible problems is to use an energy storage system or UPS.

Many UPS systems are designed for home, office and factory use and generally have an output power of up to 5000 amps. The main function of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is to stabilize the power supply to the building’s power grid through the position between the power consumer and the public power grid. In addition, emergency power systems prevent noise and interference from entering the equipment.

Important points for choosing an emergency power system

Important tips for choosing an emergency power system

In general, there are more important points to consider when choosing an emergency power system. The most important points are mentioned below.

It is one of the necessities to know the consumed energy required for medical equipment, for example, in a factory, company and home, how much electricity is needed for medical equipment and… and for the total energy required They provided a suitable UPS, inverter or generator.In general, you need a more powerful power supply for your devices. Use sparingly. In this case, UPS can provide a much better option for electrical appliances

If you plan to use the UPS for medical or electrical equipment, you must remember that the output voltage of the controlled source is constant so that the equipment does not burn. For sensitive equipment, use a UPS that can keep the output current constant It is a better option.

Medical Equipment

Medical equipment

Medical equipment refers to any system, device, equipment, tool, appliance, machinery, implantable device, material, reagent or laboratory calibrator, and software that is intended by the manufacturer for human use (alone or in combination with other devices) for at least one of the following purposes: is presented:

Diagnosing, preventing, monitoring, treating or alleviating diseases
Diagnosing, monitoring, treating, alleviating, compensating or delaying injury or disability
Investigation, replacement, modification of anatomy or a physiological process
– Supporter or life supporter
Pregnancy control
Cleaning or disinfecting or sterilizing equipment or the environment for medical purposes

final speech

In this article, we have reviewed emergency power for medical equipment, we have explained their types and functions, so you can get the information you need by reading the said material.

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