Emergency power for electrical equipment


One of the important problems that arise during a power outage for electronic devices is their non-functioning in these conditions. Emergency electricity is a method that is used to supply the electricity needed by the system in these times and it helps people and organizations. Electrical equipment is also among the devices that work using electricity, and if the electricity is suddenly cut off, the electrical equipment will be disabled and it will not be possible to use it.

Now, if your car is parked in the parking lot and you intend to leave the parking lot, what should you do? UPS or < Emergency power is very useful in these situations and can make us able to open and close the door. In this article, we have discussed how to use emergency power for electrical equipment.

Acquaintance with electrical equipment

Familiarity with electrical equipment

In fact, electrical equipment, despite its simple structure, can be considered one of the tools that play an important role in making life easier. For decades, people have been using electrical equipment to protect and relax their living and working environment. But human progress and technological trends led to the development and construction of a new category of electrical equipment.

Electrical equipment in Iran has a history of about a quarter of a century. The work initially started with the conversion of electrical equipment without changing the appearance and design. But after some time, this method became common in making electrical equipment and this was the beginning of introducing a new type of electrical equipment to the market.

UPS applications in electrical equipment

Applications of UPS in electrical equipment

One of the systems that are used in all types of electrical equipment is the emergency power system or UPS. Considering that many automatic doors are opened and closed several times a day, if there is a power cut in the building, driving is not possible and many things are disrupted. For this reason, it is recommended that the UPS system be used in various types of electrical equipment, including automatic doors.

What is UPS and different types of UPS for electrical equipment

What is UPS and different types of UPS for electrical equipment

UPS systems are available to replace a wide variety of applications with three types of uninterruptible power supplies. These systems meet the needs of different businesses and consumers. A type of UPS emergency power system, Offline UPS that can detect power failure and automatically supply power to the battery.

The other two categories of UPS are interactive devices or UPS Line Interactive and Online UPS are the most suitable UPS for electrical equipment due to their efficiency. When power is not available, the UPS keeps the network devices running. Depending on the UPS model, the features such as the size of the power supply are different.

UPS installation for electrical equipment

UPS installation for electrical equipment

In order to install an uninterruptible power supply or UPS on electrical equipment, you must hire someone who is trained in this task. Since this is electricity, if you are a beginner with no expertise, there is a possibility of electric shock and other hazards, and it is recommended that you use an experienced electrical installer to install the UPS. Tesla is always ready to serve customers with experienced people in this field.

UPS system installation and commissioning costs

UPS system installation and commissioning costs

Most of the electrical equipment you buy comes with a factory power supply and you don’t need to spend time or money installing a UPS on them. But if your electrical equipment is not equipped with this system, it is better to install a UPS.

UPS systems have different prices depending on the brand and type, but usually the installation cost is not high. Note that it is possible to install these systems for electrical equipment in another part of the building, in which case a different type of UPS must be selected.


Today, electrical equipment has become one of the most popular types of automatic doors that are used in various places. These doors are powered by electricity and in the event of a power outage in the building, the door cannot be opened and closed automatically and must be opened manually with an opener. Using an emergency power system or UPS is the easiest and best possible thing.

In this article, we have explained in detail how to use emergency power for electrical equipment, and we have also stated the points that should be considered when purchasing and installing this system for the users of these systems. Buyers and customers of our products can contact us at the following phone numbers to get the necessary guidance and advice.

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