A comprehensive guide to purchasing UPS


The use of UPS is one of the ways to prevent damage to electrical devices and equipment due to fluctuations in the power grid, which, in addition to protecting these systems, also provides the power needed by the device in the event of a power outage. . Stay with Tesla UPS to provide a complete and comprehensive guide to buy UPS. In this way, the most important and basic points that you need to consider when purchasing UPS; They consist of:

1) Power required and power consumption

In fact, one of the most important points for the purpose of purchasing UPS is to calculate the power consumption of the devices that are supposed to be connected to it. do it For this purpose, it is enough to calculate the power of each device separately and finally their sum.

In fact, the power of electrical appliances is expressed in watts, and this power is generally mentioned on electrical appliances. If the consumption power of the devices is not mentioned directly; definitely a number is mentioned as its current, which can be obtained by multiplying that number by the voltage of the device.

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After estimating the power of devices and equipment, it is necessary to choose a UPS that has more power than your equipment. Generally, the power of UPS is chosen as 1.25 equal to the power of the equipment.

2) Ability to set parameters:

<a href="https://fa.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D9%85%D9%86%D8%A8%D8%B9_%D8%AA%D8%BA%D8%B0%DB UPS actually have various parameters that are necessary to be correctly set in order for the UPS to function properly. These settings can be made by the factory or by the user. In most brands, basically all the parameters are set at the factory and the user does not really have any freedom of action when it comes to choosing the parameters.

3) Amount of support time or basically backup time:

Since the UPSs work with power during power outages, they require battery is; So, in fact, it is very important for you to know how much work you can expect from the UPS during power outages. In this way, after the power consumption of the device is specified; It is easy to choose UPS; In the next step, you can calculate the ampere of the battery by knowing the power consumption, UPS and support time.

Comprehensive buying guide UPS

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4) Ability of internal or external battery or external battery

In order to achieve high power, the size of the UPS battery is necessarily large and it is necessary to install the batteries externally, which requires a battery cabinet. be; with the aim of placing these batteries in a container that is far from public access and that, in terms of volume, can occupy less space. It should be noted that in low capacities, with the aim of reducing the occupied space and beauty, it is recommended to choose internal or internal battery type UPS.

5) Choosing the right type of UPS

It should be noted that for low powers, offline UPS or Line Interactive actually cheaper They are online UPS and necessary > is to use online UPS in capacities higher than KVA.

6) Appropriate service and support

In truth, every type of electrical and electronic device needs a warranty and support, and this also applies to devices that are produced in different countries; are more important; Also UPSs that are completely produced inside Iran; Undoubtedly, they have more reliable services and guarantees, which is necessary to pay attention to before buying.

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7) Paying attention to consumables:

It should be noted that in the case of using UPS for duplicating devices and special printers that have an initial heating cycle; It is necessary to the point that the initial power required in this cycle is more than the power mentioned on the sticker of the device; noticed In fact, this point is also true in connection with the UPS that are supposed to provide power to the motors.

Comprehensive buying guide UPS

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