Behrad UPS repairs


Behrad company was established in 1369 by experienced and expert engineers and the first product of the company is UPS (under the Parto brand) was designed and manufactured. At present, Behrad company offers all kinds of offline and onlineUPS. strong> and Industrial UPS produces and sells UPS repairs are one of the most specialized branches of electronic repairs, which are added to the facilities and capabilities of UPS every day due to the advancement of technology in this field.

This development has caused UPS repairs to be changed from traditional and normal to modern, and hence UPS repairs that require high technical knowledge. It has become a specialized job. The experienced engineers and consultants of Tesla company take into account the needs of our dear customers and fully comply with the quality in providing equipment with a long lifespan. Tesla is one of the specialized and reliable organizations that is the best and it provides the highest services in the field of UPS in different brands.

What is UPS

UPS is an electronic device and means uninterruptible power supply, which is designed to provide the required electricity for consumer devices. This device is very sensitive to network disturbances and power outages, so due to the high sensitivity of this device to power outages and power fluctuations, it is used in medical and complexes. Hospital, Computer, Communications and… are used to supply the electricity required by the devices.


Types Different UPS

UPS are divided into three categories and each of them has different functions, including:

Online UPS

Online UPS consists of a different and advanced structure. For this reason, its price is also higher, which is why online UPS was used only in large and commercial centers in the past. But with advanced technology, you can buy UPS online cheaper. The online UPS can supply the power of the device connected to it with excellent quality and without noise, and the noise canceler works automatically in the UPS.

One of the important differences between online UPS and other UPS is that it works continuously. An online UPS is never inactive and continuously monitors the power flow in case of fluctuations or outages.

UPS Offline

Offline UPS compared to interactive and online UPS They are cheaper and lighter. Use of UPS for sensitive devices of hospitals, government bodies that have important and necessary information, because in cases where the devices receive too much power or too much energy or receive less energy, the electronic device of the function This is where the UPS comes in and turns the power into reasonable stability.

UPS Line Interactive

Interactive high-line UPSs are not much different from offline UPSs. With only a few minor differences, such as interactive UPS for computer lighting equipment, printers and even places where electricity does not fluctuate, it is used to improve the quality of proper power transmission. This type of UPS has resonance in the output circuit and its output is completely sinusoidal and therefore suitable for motorized consumers.


UPS repairs

Tesla is one of the most equipped and specialized maintenance centers for UPS customers. Tesla company is ready to serve you with the most modern equipment.

UPS repairs are done by experts who have not only passed academic training (electronics and industrial electricity) but also in repairing all kinds of models. And the UPS brand also has a lot of experience. UPS repair is one of the industrial jobs in the computer labor market, for which there are basic classes. Be sure to observe the following for UPS repairs.

  • Check the types of UPS models in terms of quality and capacity.
  • Explore offline UPS and know the differences between it and online UPS.
  • Sufficient knowledge of electronic components on the UPS circuit

Keep in mind that diagnosing and fixing possible UPS problems before failure is much cheaper and the best solution. Here are some of the main causes of UPS failure that can be considered as aUPS maintenance checklist:

  • UPS battery
  • UPS capacitor
  • Fan UPS
  • Power supply

Tesla has always believed that customer service is the key to success and progress of any company. Therefore, it provides conditions to provide the necessary information for UPS and battery maintenance to respected customers.


UPS service by Tesla

Lotus Alborz power generator service unit performs UPS repairs both on site and in the Tesla repair center and provides UPS services and support with the most reasonable cost and the best quality offers to satisfy the customer.

Tesla services in the field of UPS repairs include:

  • Telephone answering and consulting about troubleshooting and repairing UPS devices.
  • Installation and commissioning of UPS after repair.
  • Fixing problems with the BYPASS
  • circuit

  • Inverter circuit repair
  • Repairing and solving problems related to battery operation

Tesla is one of the most equipped and specialized repair and service centers for customers with the latest equipment ready to serve.

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