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Amak company was founded and started its activity in 1379 and in 1380 it obtained the production and sales agency from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade. Tesla company is one of the specialized and reliable institutions that provides the best and highest services in the field of UPS in different brands. One of the most specialized activities of Tesla company is the repair of different brands of UPS, including Amak.

Concept of UPS

uninterruptible power supply or UPS means that the electricity required by the devices connected to the UPS is provided through the energy stored in the battery, which, in case of a power cut, without interruption provides the necessary load power of the devices. UPS in two forms online and offline is The difference between the two is that online UPS manages fluctuations and high voltages, and in case of a power outage, it only supplies electricity to devices that regulate its voltage.

Offline UPS works with electricity and supplies energy to the device automatically. The UPS battery can store electricity between 5 and 15 minutes. Many people may think that it is better to use an external UPS battery to store more electricity, which is different in terms of time and voltage, but Amak UPS is one of the best domestic brands that has high quality. be


Reasons of UPS failure

There are various reasons for the failure of the UPS, first of all, the necessary tests should be done to find the technical defect. One of the main problems with UPS is that the inverter span> The UPS cannot output the output voltage and frequency correctly.

In order to find the cause of the failure, you must first be completely familiar with the UPS system, but there is no need to worry because our technical experts are ready to help customers at any moment. Since UPS failures seriously damage the electrical system, consider prevention as your first priority and contact our consultants with complete confidence and guidance. Get the necessary

UPS battery

Battery is one of the most important parts of the UPS and is of great importance and the most common cause of failure occurs in batteries, types of batteries

Lead acid batteries:

This new battery is sensitive to dust and heat, keep it away from heat, this battery is used in relatively low voltage UPS, although there are several other types of lead acid batteries. Nickel Cadmium batteries This battery has more advanced technology than lead acid, its price is also higher and its good feature is fast charging.

Lithium-ion batteries:

This battery has a lower weight density and is used in UPSs that are powerful and have a good lifetime resistance.

Alkaline silver batteries:

This battery stores electricity inside, its ingredients are zinc and manganese dioxide, that’s why it is stronger than normal batteries, they usually have 2 to 4 times more capacity.

diagnosis method

Service and after-sales service of Tesla Company

Having experts with experience in the field of repairing all types of UPS, Tesla repairs all common and specialized UPSs.

UPSA brands that are repaired in Tesla are:

UPS repair Tekam, Faran, Mata, Syntex, GMC, General Electric, Net Power, Green, Smart Guard, Gold Star, Faratel, and… Tesla as one of the most specialized UPS repair centers in Iran. , services and repairs all brands of UPS. Tesla attaches great importance to Adib UPS repairs, which is one of the most reliable brands in Iran that operates in the field of UPS production, to effectively repair Adib UPS for our dear customers.


Tesla is one of the most equipped and specialized UPS service and repair centers in Iran, and for advice and guidance on purchasing Tesla products, especially UPS, please contact our experts and consultants through the contact page below.

Our colleagues will be happy to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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