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Amish Electronic Accessories and Sanat Rooz Company with the abbreviation “Alja” is one of the most important UPS manufacturing companies. In order to have the best service in the field of UPS repairs, you should know that Alja UPS are in three categories offline, online and interactive production so each one has different systems and consists of unique circuits.

All UPSs will suffer defects and problems after some time and repeated use, which will require repair and support. Tesla is one of the most equipped and specialized UPS maintenance centers for customers. Tesla company is ready to serve you with the most modern equipment. Tesla company is one of the specialized and reliable institutions that provides the best and highest services in the field of UPS types in different brands.

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General Concept of UPS and Tesla Repair Services

UPS means It is an uninterruptible power supply and its most basic task is to supply the required power without interruption. UPS are produced and sold in three types: offline, online and line interactive.

As you know, the UPS system is a very sensitive system that needs sufficient maintenance to provide the amount of energy your equipment needs during a power outage.

A UPS system like any other system will have problems and errors, so in order to fix it correctly, you need to look for its faults and find a suitable UPS troubleshooting solution to fix the errors. Tesla UPS repairs are done by specialists who have not only passed academic training courses (electronics and industrial electricity), but also have a lot of experience in repairing all types of UPS, including Alja UPS. You can confidently contact our consultants and get the necessary guidance

UPS technical fault

If you encounter any of these UPS defects in your business that will be mentioned below, please contact our experts.

  • The UPS device is not connected to the city electricity
  • The UPS does not turn on or does not output
  • A beep sound is heard from the UPS
  • The expected support time from the UPS side is not provided
  • UPS battery replacement light is on

Ask our experts for the best UPS repair services for peace of mind forever.


Tesla company services and on-site UPS repair

The service unit of Lotus Alborz Power Builders is trying to perform many repairs of its products on site and in order to reduce service and support time and lower costs.

  • Answering and consulting over the phone regarding the troubleshooting and repair of the company’s UPS devices due to speeding up the repair of the customer’s device.
  • Installation and commissioning of UPS after repair.
  • Fixing problems with the BYPASS
  • circuit

  • Repair circuitINVERTER
  • Repairing and solving problems related to battery operation

Tesla Company Technical Advisor

Tesla company was established with the aim of improving the quality of technical and engineering activities as a part of the company to provide better services to customers. Tesla is committed to providing modern technologies with the best quality. Tesla UPS are produced with the best quality and parts to be more durable and efficient. Tesla considers the production of quality products and customer satisfaction to be one of its duties.


and finally

Tesla is one of the most equipped and specialized repair and service centers for customers and is ready to serve with the latest equipment.

For advice and guidance on buying electrical and electronic products, especially UPS, contact our experts and consultants through the contact page. Our colleagues will be happy to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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