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UPS Device Electronic and means uninterruptible power supply which is designed to supply the required electricity for consumer devices.

This device is very sensitive to network disruptions and power outages, so due to the high sensitivity of this device to power outages and power fluctuations, in complexes Medical and hospital, computercomputer, communications and … are used to supply the electricity required by the devices.

UPS systems give the assurance to their users that the power support is in place, the UPS device gives this privilege to its users who back up their data before the power goes out, or save it

A UPS system can be known as an insurer because it insures the data of computers during a power outage. UPS devices have the ability to protect all types of home computer systems, routers, modems, smart TVs and home appliances, game consoles and other electronic devices.


When considering which UPS is the best choice for home consumers or a small office, how many things should you pay special attention to? >

What type of UPS is right for me?

According to your needs, the UPS you should use is different


Home computers, laptops, monitors and smart TVs

Line Interactive UPS

Modems, CCTV cameras, all kinds of card readers

Online UPS

Advanced computers that are mostly used as servers.

UPS price

For homes and small offices UPSs can be as little as one strong> million to several millions tomans depending on the type and its use. The variety of domestic and foreign brands of UPS in the market is very high, and buyers should choose a product that has a good price and high quality.

If you make a decision based on price alone, it can be dangerous because buying at a low price means buying an average and average product. It is down that causes bad quality hardware in the UPS, which causes damage to your devices.

When choosing a UPS, it should be carefully considered. UPSs that have high quality usually have lifetime or multi-year warranty.

Some UPSs have a green feature, i.e. environmentally friendly, they have the ability to remove sockets that are not in use. turn off automatically. . A high-capacity charging system and an automatic voltage regulator in some UPS devices also help save electricity, which is suitable for professionals who work at home on a budget.

UPS suitable for home use

UPS load

Load usually refers to the number of devices that are connected to the UPS. If the user intends to connect a large number of devices to the UPS, it is recommended to purchase UPSs that have more storage capacity.

UPS size and weight

Some UPS designs designed for the domestic market are optimized for larger loads and keep a device such as a modem, router or a phone charger powered on during a power outage. Choosing the one that best suits your specific needs will ensure that your investment meets expectations.

UPS battery

The parts that supply the required current during a power outage are called UPS batteries. Today, there is a large variety of battery sizes and types of UYS in the market, so you can easily choose and buy the product you like and need. UPSs that are mostly used in small offices or homes have lead acid batteries. . At the same time, the use of lithium-ion UPS batteries is increasing rapidly.

Network connection

They can act as an important network management tool and the availability of local networks, which are one of the features and positive points of home UPS. In general, some home UPS have the ability to manage the online network and automatically send power to a smart outlet to restart the modem or router. With this feature, there is no need to manually restart the device.

UPS portability

Some UPS are available in sizes that are easily portable, so you can take them with you to any place. It can be carried in a pocket or bag and charge the mobile phone anywhere.

The batteries in this category of UPS are lithium ion, which played a significant role in the selection of the UPS, and also makes it light and easy to charge.

UPS suitable for home use

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