UPS for incubator


Frequent power outages due to the increase in excessive electricity consumption in the summer and other cases have caused most businesses to face problems and troubles. Also, power outages in some cities and regions have reached several hours a day.

Sometimes the power supply fails two or three times and this frequent failure disturbs the normal life of people. From the closure of factories and universities to the failure and burning of electrical appliances. Thanks to the electricity industry, livestock and poultry industries have made significant progress.

Incubators for poultry farms are produced around the clock to meet the market demand. But with the power outage, these industries are also in trouble. For this purpose, electrical engineers built a UPS for the incubator. Next, we will review UPS and its types.

Providing the temperature of the incubator during power failure

The ambient temperature depends on various factors such as the season and mostly on the ambient temperature. If the environment has a low temperature, according to the principle of stability of energy or heat, here the incubator, when the temperature difference between the two sources, the heat moves from the hot source to the cold source or the environment. The colder the ambient temperature, the faster the device loses heat and cools down.

Note that the incubator must be turned on in any way during a power outage. The first step to turn on the device is to use a device that generates electricity. The best and safest way to do this is using UPS is.

Concept of UPS (UPS)

UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply in Farsi, which means that the power required by the devices connected to it is supplied through the energy stored in the battery. It is ensured that in the event of a power cut, it provides the necessary load power for the devices without interruption. UPS works with a battery and if the city electricity is connected, it uses it to charge the battery, and if the city electricity is cut off, it takes it out of the circuit and puts the battery in the circuit.

Functions of the UPS device

The main task of the UPS is to create a reliable direct connection during severe power fluctuations and power outages so that the electronic device connected to it does not suffer from problems and breakdowns. UPS uses two sources for its energy supply, the first source is city electricity, which are connected to each other with a plug, in this way, the required energy of the device is provided.

If the power goes out, the UPS comes into action and supplies the device with the energy it has stored in its batteries. The UPS battery is inactive under normal conditions, that is, the electrical energy of the electronic devices is supplied by the city electricity, and the UPS battery is also charged in the same way.



In this article, we have reviewed the UPS for the incubator, you can get the information you need by reading the said material. Tesla is one of the most equipped and specialized UPS supply centers for customers and is ready to serve with the latest equipment.

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